A peacock was seen roaming the streets of Medmenham yesterday afternoon.

The photo, which was taken by Marlow resident SJ Monks, was posted in the Facebook group Marlow Life, where she asked those living in the town and the surrounding areas if they had lost the large bird.

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It was later discovered that two peacocks were seen in South Close in the village after they had escaped from their owners in the afternoon of Tuesday, April 21.

In a Facebook comment, SJ revealed that the owners had been informed and that one of the large birds had been returned not long after the photo was posted, but the other peacock remained missing.

The photo was posted in the group at around 4.55pm.

However, it was confirmed this morning (Wednesday, April 22), that the other bird had been reunited with its owners.

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It is not known if the two peacocks that were spotted in Medmenham are the same peacocks that live in Lane End.

Penelope and Priscilla, the Lane End peahens, are well-known in the village and even have their own Facebook group, which currently has 257 members.

The peacock spotting comes two weeks after a couple of chickens were seen strolling through the streets of Marlow.