The High Wycombe branch of Travelodge have paired up with the Marlow branch to help the NHS workers at Wycombe Hospital.

The hotel in Marlow, which opened in June of last year, is temporarily shut due to the outbreak of coronavirus, with some employees moving over to Wycombe to help out during the current crisis.

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Marlow’s hotel manager, Sophie Gray, was one of those to make the interim move from Marlow to Wycombe, and she has explained how everyone associated with the hotel are trying to help those on the front line.

She said: “As our High Wycombe Travelodge is the closest hotel to Wycombe Hospital, we do have a lot of NHS workers staying with us.

“They are checking in throughout the day and night and our mission is to ensure that they have a comfortable stay and a get a good sleep and leave our hotel feeling revitalised.

“I also have housekeeping team members working at night now to ensure that we have a constant supply of clean rooms available for our customers.

“So, it is such a privilege to play a small part in our country’s history.

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“At Travelodge, we are just one big massive family that spreads across all corners of the UK and the united support you get is so overwhelming.

“The company is stringent on health and safety and we have the correct polices in place to ensure that everyone is safe to work which gives you the confidence to come into work.

“We love going the extra mile and putting a smile on our customers faces.

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Sophie has been with Travelodge since 2009 after leaving school, where she started as a weekend pot washer at the Windsor central branch, before being transferred to the Travelodge in Heathrow Central two years later.

She has continued to build a career working with the hotel company, and despite the challenges that everyone is facing at the moment, Sophie is hoping to keep moral high at the hotel.

She continued: The biggest challenge is keep everyone's spirits up.

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“You have to come to work with an extra burst of energy to ensure team morale is high.

“We are operating in unprecedented and uncertain times, but I feel extremely proud to be part of Travelodge’s Front Line team and to support the High Wycombe community – especially the NHS and other critical group workers.

“And yes, [moving from Marlow to High Wycombe] was a huge adjustment, although the actual job is the same I had to get familiar with the hotel building and get to know the team very quickly.

“My daily routine has changed, I have more team members to manage however my goal remains the same, stay open, say safe and stay positive.”