Rats were seen congregating on two separate streets in Marlow.

A resident saw the animals on Sandygate Road and Sandygate Close in the town, after one member of the public decided to leave food out for birds, which included pieces of chicken.

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This is what attracted the vermin to the two roads.

One resident said: “My mum lives down Sandygate Road and its on Sandygate Close as well.

“One of my mum’s friends who lives down the close has already killed about four of the rats in the back garden and as there is no food out, it looks like they were eating each other.

“I also heard that one of the neighbours is leaving bird food out so that could be a reason why they are scattered around.”

Bucks Free Press:

The two streets are less than a five-minute walk apart

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The person who made the original complaint is someone who lives in a house that is currently owned by the Red Kite Housing Association.

Red Kite responded: "We were made aware of an issue with rats at a home in Sandygate Close on Monday, April 27, and arranged for our contractor to attend 48-hours later on Wednesday, April 29 to carry out an inspection.

“Monitoring equipment has now been left and our contractor will return on Friday, May 1 to lay down the appropriate traps.

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“The inspection revealed that food, including chicken, was being left out for the birds and red kites.

“We would like to advise residents not to do this as it will attract vermin to the area.”