Every week we’ll be looking at newsagents in South Bucks who are facing tough times, as the country continues to battle the coronavirus.

With many shops closed and supermarkets limiting certain essentials, people across the country and counting on their local newsagents to supply them with the basic necessities.

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Most newsagents also boast a post office and for elderly residents, a letter can be the only way they can communicate with their friends and loved ones.

So this week, in our inaugural Newsagents Heroes feature, we spoke to Gagandeep Singh, who runs the Londis on Oak Tree Road in Marlow.

Mr Singh runs the shop with his family, and despite lockdown, many customers are still counting on him to provide the goods for certain individuals.

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And he would not have it any other way.

My Singh said: “The people of Marlow are lovely, and the support has been brilliant.

“We have had customers coming in every hour just thank us for being open which shows how nice and kind-hearted they are.

“They are very understanding if we don’t have something and we will try and ask them to call back in about two days to see if we have it in stock and once it’s in stock, they’ll come in and get it.

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“We’re trying to get on top of everything which includes having all the safety measures in place too, as we have stickers on the floor asking customers to be two metres apart.

“And the customers have been abiding by that which has been good.

“I think every business has taken a hit and I think we’re going to try and keep our stock low and as time goes one, we’ll try and gradually build up and I think that’ll be the same as most companies.”

The shop runner also admitted that whilst the Londis on Oak Tree Road has had it’s stock reduce, they continue to help those in the community.

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Mr Singh continued: “There has been a fair bit of stock reduction from the cash and carries so we’re not getting the stuff that we should but we’re trying to get on top of it.

“In the orders, we’re trying to get the stuff that the people and customers really want and really need and we try our best to get them for cash and carries, and we’re trying our best to keep the customers happy.”

He also praised the people of Marlow.

“Marlow is so welcoming.

“The customers come in, they ask for your name and just treat you with respect and I don’t think I’ve had a rude customer.

“I’m lost for words by the people of Marlow – you can really feel their warmth.”

To contact the Londis in Marlow, call 01628 474730.