Chesham's underpass which was previously flooded has been cleared and has re-opened.

The underpass near Sainsburys had caused outrage with residents in the area with people claiming it was over one foot deep, with pictures of a overturned trolley in the water posted on Facebook.

The issue, which escalated in March, is one that's been ongoing for a few years.

Transport for Bucks said at the time: "Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) is aware of the ongoing flooding problems within the St Marys subway in Chesham.


"TfB has investigated the issues here and has discovered that the drains beneath the road are blocked.

"This is preventing the water from being pumped out of the subway.

"We are making arrangements for the drains to be cleared and for the subway to be reopened as soon as possible."

Users on Facebook were glad to hera of the re-opening with ne user saying it wasd 'about time'.