Early work to improve two junctions near a congested High Wycombe business park has started this week.

Contractors have this week started early ground investigations as part of a planned project to improve two junctions near Cressex Business Park - which has suffered in the past with huge delays at rush hour.

The condition of the drainage system is being checked, while trial holes are being dug to find utility pipes and test the condition of the road foundations under the top end of Desborough Avenue, around the junctions with Marlow Road and Lancaster Road.

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The work is a part of Buckinghamshire Council's plan to improve traffic flow in and out of the business park, reduce congestion and improve journey time - after dozens of complaints from commuters who work at the site over the years.

Work will be done from 7am and 5pm between May 18 and 27 using a lane closure with two-way and three-way temporary traffic lights.

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Contractors will work at Lancaster Road junction on May 18, 19, 26 and 27, and at Marlow Road junction on May 20, 21 and 26.

The investigation works will be managed to minimise delays and the aim, says the council, is to keep inconvenience to a minimum for residents and businesses in the area.

Nick Naylor, cabinet member for transport, said: "I understand the difficulties of getting to and from Cressex Business Park in the rush-hour, which is why we're continuing to work with companies there to find ways to relieve the congestion.

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"These works are preliminary investigations to see what's under the surface, and we're trying to get them done now while traffic is lighter, but inevitably there'll be some disruption, for which I apologise in advance."

Last year the council improved the crossroads junction at Cressex Road/Cressex Link Road, giving north-south priority to business park traffic to reduce queues - especially at evening peak times.

The council also supported a new bus route linking Handy Cross with the business park, which started last July in a bid to encourage business park workers to leave their cars at Handy Cross and catch the bus.