An incredible painting has appeared in Marlow showing the community spirit the town has shown through-out the current coronavirus pandemic.

Taken by Marlow resident Tayla Louise Smith, the paining is next to the town’s Sainsbury’s and it’s of a rainbow with several key and essential workers underneath holding the rainbow a loft.

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Those holding the rainbow up include a policeman, a delivery men and nurses with a pigeon sitting on top of the rainbow.

The painting was done by Fi Hunter.

Bucks Free Press:

The rainbow is by the town's Sainbury's

It was posted in the Facebook Group Marlow Life on Tuesday, May 12 and has attracted praise from follow social media users.

Jessica Sloper said: "It’s so cool isn’t it!

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"I was queueing outside Sainsbury’s the other day when she was painting it.

"She had only got to the blue bit of the rainbow!"

Gina Smith added: "Can't wait to see it tomorrow (May 13) when I have some shopping to do."

Ági Simicz then said: "She was just finishing today (May 12) when we were there, looks amazing!"

Arnjit Soomal said: "Brilliant! Well done!" With Lora Wilson saying: "I saw it being drawn (May 12) - it’s lovely!"

Tilly Nichols then said the rainbow was 'fabulous' with Elaine Gleeson saying; "This is lovely."

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