Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge has thanked the people of Marlow after his scheme to help the frontline workers, the vulnerable and the elderly has reached its financial target.

Meals for Marlow, which was launched at the start of April, has now seen the people of the town and the surrounding areas donate £175,000.

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The initial target was to raise £100,000 and deliver 25,000 meals but due to the generous amount of donations, 75,000 meals will now me given to those who need it the most.

Following the news, Tom took to Facebook to upload a video of himself thanking those who have donated.

He said: “Guys, absolutely amazing news.

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“Meals for Marlow has raised over £175k – we have reached our target.

“All of you are amazing.

“All of the volunteers, the people who are cooking, the guys who are labelling and every single person that has donated every tiny little pound up to the thousands – all of you are incredible.

Bucks Free Press:

Tom Kerridge thanking those who donated in a video

“These means that we’re feeding 75,000 frontline NHS workers, the vulnerable and the needy all in this area.

“You guys are amazing.

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“I can’t thank you enough.

“What a brilliant thing to be a apart of and all of you guys are fantastic.

“We are going right through to the end June.

“£175,000 raise – 75,000 meals.

“Absolutely brilliant!”

To visit the Meals for Marlow Facebook page, click here and to donate, click here.