Concerns are growing as a pet cat which is currently ill has gone missing in Marlow.

Yogi, the long-haired Birman went missing on Monday, May 18 and was last seen in the Dedmere Road area of the town.

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The cat’s owner, Stephanie Delgado, put up an emotional post in the Marlow Life Facebook page, asking anyone to help if they had seen her cat.

She said: “My cat has gone missing in the Dedmere Road area.

“He goes by the name Yogi and is a fluffy long hair Birman.

“We are worried about him as he is not very well - he is very skinny.

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“Please keep your eyes open.

“Many thanks.”

Many people have since offered to look across Marlow for the cat, and if anyone were to see or find Yogi, they are encouraged to privately message Stephanie on Facebook.