A small catering company from Chesham have set up a succesful food delivery service amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Victoria Atherton and her husband George recently moved to Chesham from London with their newborn and continued with George's Kitchen, a catering company.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown they were no longer able to continue their services.

Victoria said: "As a result, we switched to being a food delivery service overnight.

"We were aware of the long supermarket queues and the fact that online deliveries were swamped so we thought this would be welcomed locally."

They then contacted their long standing suppliers to discuss the set-up and came up with four essential boxes: vegetables, dairy, bread and juices, meat and dry stores.


They added: "We knew that Chesham had a huge community spirit so posted our offering onto a local Facebook group called ‘Our Chesham’.

"Within a few hours we had just under 10 enquiries which was amazing."

This slowly grew and word of mouth also helped and they have since had a regular base of clients who use them week on week.

They initially thought this would be a short term venture however now believe the hospitality industry won't be the same for a while.

They are in the process of becoming more of a ‘one stop shop’ so that they can be more comprehensive in what they supply to allow people to avoid supermarkets and long delivery wait times.

Victoria said: "We have found that there is an appetite for bringing home cooked meals into people’s homes.

"We are therefore going to offer promotional meals where we bring ‘George’s Kitchen’ into your home."

For the Bank Holiday weekend they offered a BBQ Box.

To get in touch with George, email george@georgeskitchen.co.uk, call or text 07903 425790, or go to georgeskitchen.co.uk