The people of Marlow have teamed up to water a number of trees in the town.

These comes after Marlow resident Athena Christoforides posted in the Facebook group Marlow Life, that the six saplings on Lock Road were ‘crying out for water.’

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However, following her status, Athena confirmed that someone had decided to help water the six trees.

In a post that was published on Wednesday, May 20, she said: "The six young saplings recently planted in Lock Road are crying out for water.

"This post is to thank Ken, who I contacted this morning, who has agreed to water them from time to time.

"He collects water from my house and walks up the road to carry out this life-saving job.

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"Perhaps those living opposite the saplings could help him out by also watering, thank you.

"They had their first drink this morning (May 20)."

More trees are expected to be planted across Marlow at the end of this year as part of the town's Re-Leaf Marlow scheme, which aims to make Marlow one of the most environmentally-friendly places in the country.