Both of the missing Kyrece’s Legacy b’lines have been found.

After Graham Moore of Marlow located the first missing unit on May 21, Amy Pyle, also from Marlow, found the second piece of equipment a day later on May 22. 

The first b'line was based by Gosmore Road and was found by Mr Moore in the woods between the River Thames and The Crowne. 

The second was located from the river by an unspecified dog before Ms Pyle reported it to the charity. 

Both b'lines were removed from their stations between May 12 and May 19.    

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On finding the first b'line, The Kyrece’s Legacy Facebook page said: “Found - Graham Moore from Marlow has found the lost lifesaving b’line from the Riverwoods unit!

“The device had been discarded in the woods between The River Thames and The Crowne Plaza.

Both units have now been found

Bucks Free Press:

Bucks Free Press:

“A huge thank you to Graham!

“Thank you also to the whole community for your support in helping to monitor the safety units, especially in this hot weather.

“We have one b’line still missing, believed to be in the river.

It is likely to be downstream from Gosmore in the direction of Bourne End and Cookham.

“If you are by the river or out on boats and spot the missing device please contact:

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“Please only retrieve the device if it is safe for you to do so, if not, a photograph and location would be great and we will arrange a rescue.

“Many, many thanks once again to our kind and caring community.”

After the second b'line was located, the charity said: "Second b’line found - Amy Pyle from Marlow this afternoon (May 22) reported the find of the second b’line.

"Apparently it was retrieved from the river by a clever dog on the Riverwoods stretch of the Thames.

"Thank you Amy and the mystery dog!

"Although the b’line is slightly damaged we will be able to repair and repurpose it for water safety training. 

"We are grateful for the overwhelming support from everyone and are proud to be part of such a proactive and caring community."

Kyrece Francis, who attended Great Marlow School, passed away on July 22, 2014, aged 13, after getting into trouble on the River Thames when swimming with a group of friends.

The tragedy happened on the first day of that year’s summer holiday.

Following Kyrece's death, his friends set up the charity to promote water safety in Buckinghamshire and beyond.