An artist and Bucks New University graduate saw his #IClapFor animation get projected in Wycombe.

Ian Berry, who designed the simulation, had his one-minute clip of hands clapping shown against the side of the university’s main building, with the projection taking place in the Wycombe Hospital car park on the evening of Thursday, May 21.

It ran for two hours with people coming to watch the spectacle, whilst standing two-metres apart.

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Projectionist Ben Fender, who came from London to organise the event, said: “He (Ian) started to send it (the animation) out to the video artist community and people have been playing it from out of their bedroom windows and onto their neighbours houses.

“It has also been shown on fire stations and even on the Angel of the North.”

“And there is no money involved in this – it’s just to spread a nice humanitarian message.”

The projection thanked all the NHS workers across Buckinghamshire and beyond for all the hard work they are doing, as we continue to battle coronavirus.