This is the moment a mortified High Wycombe mum discovered her toddler had drawn all over her white walls - in a black marker pen.

Charlene Cuthbertson, 37, got home on Monday evening and took five minutes rest in her bedroom.

But her peace was interrupted when son Lester, three, decided the whole house was his drawing pad.

Bucks Free Press:

He covered doors, the banister and living room walls with black ink.

Daughter Camden, eight, knocked on her door and said: "Mum have you see what Lester has done to the walls?"

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Terrified of what she would find, she grabbed her phone and recorded as she left the room to inspect the damage.

It took three days to clean off.

Bucks Free Press:

Ms Cuthbertson, from High Wycombe, said: "I thought 'what has he done?'.

''I came out and was like 'oh my God.' I saw the bedroom, then the hallway - I was shocked - he's never done that.

"I was mortified, thinking 'what the heck has he done?' I wasn't expecting it to be that much. I hadn't left him that long.

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"He thought it was nice on the doors because they were shiny and the main wall he drew on has a glossy finish."

The cheeky toddler told his mum the living room had portraits of his mum and the 'pizza man' - although she does not know who that is.

In the video, his mum is heard saying 'it's not even funny' and asking 'what have you done to my house? The whole house? How am I going to get that off the walls?'

The guilty-looking Lester then suggested it could be washed off with a towel.

But while she cleaned the hallway clean with a magic eraser it took three days to get the rest off, having to let the ink dry and repaint it.

They moved into the house just before lockdown so still had some paint leftover they could use.

Bucks Free Press:

She added: "As I got into the living room I thought I was only going to see a little bit. He didn't think he had done anything wrong at first.

"When he saw my face he knew it was wrong and said sorry."

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The mum-of-two has been off-work since September after being diagnosed with breast cancer and is awaiting final tests to be given the all-clear.

Bucks Free Press:

In lockdown she has been playing with her kids and bought them each a whiteboard and pen for learning.

She said Lester 'topped completely' the mess usually caused by her two English Bull Terriers, aged three and six.

She added: "He's never done anything like that before.

"He's always breaking something or smashing something up - he's not naughty but he does things without realising it's bad, like any three-year-old."