The desperate family of a 14-year-old girl dubbed "Amazing Grace" are trying to raise £55,000 to help her fight brain cancer.

Grace Gaskell, who lives in Chalfont St Peter, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in July 2018 and battled through two years of gruelling treatment and chemotherapy.

But to her family's devastation, Grace's cancer is inoperable - and her oncologist says she now needs specialist drugs.

Grace's family are waiting to see if the NHS will supply them, but the teenager needs the treatment now - so they have taken to fundraising to scrape the cash together.

£36,000 is needed to get Grace, a pupil at St Joan of Arc School in Rickmansworth, treated with Everolimus - a drug that could give her a chance to fight the cancer and live a normal life.

Bucks Free Press:

If Everolimus is not successful, an extra £55,000 will be needed for the next stage - dendritic cell vaccination.

So far, an incredible £33,867 has been donated - and if there is any money left over after the treatment, it will go towards the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, which has helped Grace with her illness.

Her parents Rebecca and Chris said: "When Grace was first diagnosed with cancer, she said she wanted to show people not be scared of cancer, but to fight it and lead a normal life.

"During her treatment, Grace continues to inspire countless others with her determination, optimism and cheerfulness.

"From throwing herself into judo, attending air cadets and dance classes, learning to sail and to ride a horse and donating her hair to other cancer patients; despite her illness, our amazing Grace never gives up."

The teen has also won a number of awards for her bravery.

If you can donate and help Grace, go to the fundraising page -