The people of Marlow have shown their frustration after large amounts of litter were seen scattered across the town.

Photos have emerged of plastic cups, bottles, and binbags appearing along the town’s High Street with several public bins overflowing with rubbish.

The huge amounts of trash were also seen in the surrounding villages such as Little Marlow.

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Taking to the Facebook page Marlow Life to share their anger, one user said: “With the lovely weather, people are making the most of the lovely walks through Little Marlow but unfortunately the increase in people is causing an increase in rubbish.

“Please if bins are full could you take your rubbish/picnic leftover home with you and not leave it on top of full bins.

Bucks Free Press:

One of the many overflowing bins in the town

Bucks Free Press:

One of the many overflowing bins in the town

“This has become a daily occurrence now and it is such a shame.”

Another added: “The fallout from the debris of plastic pint cups around town is reminiscent of the day after the end of a festival!

“It is a real shame that this business insight causes so much litter!

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“People please pick up after yourselves.”

Kamil Dziki, who saw the unhygienic state the High Street was in, then sarcastically posted in the group, ‘You can say Marlow is a busy town with lots of tourists coming to visit us.’

Sandie Anderson commented: “The amount of rubbish in the High Street and around all bins are overflowing what is going on mind noticed a lot of takeaway cups floating around such a mess everywhere."

Greg Brooks then added: “Absolutely disgusting people should take their rubbish home with them if the bins are full.”

If you see a large amount of litter in Buckinghamshire, please click here to report it.