A memorial bench to remember one of Marlow’s former mayors was left covered in litter.

Ivor Coleman, who served on Marlow Town Council from 1974 until 2011, died in December 2014 after serving as the town’s mayor on two occasions.

He has been described by those who worked with him as a ‘legend’, but after lockdown was eased along with the hot weather over the Bank Holiday Weekend, certain individuals left their waste on the bench dedicated to him.

This was due to many of the public bins being full.

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His daughter, Mary Coleman-Wood said: “I’m a little upset by it.”

Mary found out what had happened to the bench by reading our article on Marlow's current litter issues.

“In a good way, I’m glad I saw it as this means something can be done about it.”

“I don’t actually go to dad’s grave so that to me, is where I go and to me, it was like people throwing rubbish all over his grave.

“I don’t take my children to his grave so we go to the bench and we have a cup of tea, have ice cream and spend time there to reflect.

"My stepmother was quite upset too when I told her."

Mary confirmed that she and a friend were going to clear the bench this evening [May 27] whilst abiding by the current social distancing rules.

She also had a message for those who litter in the town.

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“I understand the situation that we’re in because the council has got a number of restraints, but I think it’s the respect of if the bin is full, take your rubbish home.

“But we have contacted the council and the bins will be emptied soon.

“Littering is horrible and it’s wrong.

“We’ve only got one planet and we need to look after it.

“And littering isn’t going to help wildlife either.”