A joint letter from six of Dame Cheryl Gillan’s past general election opponents has been sent regarding the Dominic Cummings situation - asking for a response from the Chesham and Amersham MP.

The letter begins: “We write to you to address the serious disquiet abroad in the country around the Prime Minister’s special advisor, Mr Dominic Cummings accusation of, and investigation for, breaching the government’s lockdown regulations.”

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Cummings has recently come under fire for travelling to Durham which many believe is flouting the governments lockdown guidelines.

They then demand “that you take every possible step – firstly publicly calling for Mr Cummings’ dismissal – to start the process of restoring the public’s trust in its government.”

The opponents state that they’re unhappy with the dealings of the coronavirus pandemic in the letter to Ms Gillan.

They said: “This crisis is ongoing and further mismanagement of the spread of this virus will lead to more needless death, most immediately from the virus itself. But it is highly likely that there will more and significant, suffering, from the carnage wrought to the economy that extended and renewed lockdowns will bring.

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“The dither and delay at the start of this crisis, when we had the shocking experiences of places like Italy giving us an early-warning and arguably a head-start, means that the UK is further away from suppressing the virus to comparable nations around the world. Do the right thing now and help to set this government back on the right course to protect the nation.”

Dame Cheryl is yet to respond to the letter which was sent earlier in the week.

Green party representative Alan Booth who was one of the opponents who put together the letter also posted on his twitter asking Ms Gillan about the doubt surrounding Cummings ‘essential journey’. The letter was sent by Alan Booth, Matt Turmaine, Dan Gallagher, Nina Dluzewska, Gill Walker, and Ben Davies, who have all been candidates in recent general elections.