Red Kite has released a statement after one of their tenants complained that the communal lounges had shut ‘without any notice’.

This comes after a user posted in the Facebook group Marlow Life of their anger following the sudden closure, with the lounges currently occupying two large freezers.

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The person said: “Red Kite have taken it into their [own] hands to put locks on the community hall at Brooke Furmston Place late this morning (May 26) - no notice to anyone.

“We have two large freezers which people of a certain age put goods such as poultry frozen goods etc.

“They are still unable to come out and do shopping so today they cannot get food out or put their goods in which were orders.

“Shame on you, Red Kite.”

However, Red Kite have responded with the following statement, revealing that due coronavirus, they had no option but to close them.

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A spokesperson said: “All of the communal lounges in our sheltered schemes were closed in March as soon as the Covid-19 crisis started and government lockdown restrictions became clear.

“Residents were informed that they should no longer use or enter these areas and this was done to support social distancing and to help keep our residents safe.

“All residents have been informed in two letters, through our website and also through posters that were up at the communal lounge entrances in every scheme.

“We were made aware that in some of our schemes, posters were being removed, and residents were using the lounges to gather and meet.

“Current Government advice is that you can only meet one other person from a different household outdoors - following social distancing guidelines and you must not gather in a group of more than two (excluding members of your own household.

“We therefore took the decision yesterday (May 26) to fully secure rooms by locking them where we could.

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“Our emergency response team reviews all decisions on a fortnightly basis and will review again later this week taking into account government advice and the current Covid-19 levels.

“We will only open the communal lounges when we know it is safe to do so, as protecting residents from the virus is our priority.

“Unfortunately, we have already had some deaths due to Covid-19 within our schemes and we are doing all that we can to avoid any further cases.

“On May 26, we were made aware that some residents at Brooke Furmston Place in Marlow were continuing to use a communal freezer located in the communal lounge, even though the room had been closed since March.

“We will be making arrangements with these residents separately for them to collect any items of food they wish to remove.

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“For clarity, we have not stopped any food or deliveries entering the schemes, however the arrangements currently in place do mean that we check visitors are essential (as per government guidance) and that they are health screened and wearing appropriate PPE.

“Once again, this is to protect our residents.

“Throughout the crisis we have offered support to our residents, including those that need help with food and medicine deliveries.

"We have delivered over 300 food parcels to vulnerable families.”

To find out more information about Red Kite’s sheltered scheme, click here.