Marlow Gin has confirmed that they launched their very first ‘make your own gin’ kit.

The company, which was founded in in 2019, announced the news through their Twitter page on May 29, and if anyone were to purchase the inaugural kit, those who live in Marlow, Henley, Bourne End, and Cookham will get free delivery.

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A spokesperson from Marlow Gin said: “Here at Marlow Gin, one of our favourite things about making our small batch gin has always been playing about with flavours, mixing them together, tinkering with recipes and finding out what works (and what really doesn’t).

“We thought it would be great to offer everyone the same opportunity for fun and discovery and so we have been busy creating a ‘Make Your Own Gin’ Kit to enable you to play at being a master distiller from the comfort of your own home (well where else are you going to be these days!)

“Using a neutral gin base that includes Juniper, Coriander, Orris and Angelica Root.

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“Each kit comes complete with everything you need to try your hand at creating a craft gin blend of your very own using five of the most popular botanicals in modern gin-making – Cassia, Cubeb Berries, Fennel, Pink Peppercorns and Lemon Peel – that will enable you to create a spicy gin with the option of a citrus twist.

“Each botanical has been distilled into liquid form to allow you to mix them quickly and easily – your gin is ready to drink immediately!

“Full instructions are provided along with a selection of tonics so that you can try your hand at pairing your gin with different flavours, so the adventure doesn’t just stop with the gin!

“And finally, a 200ml bottle of our signature ‘Marlow Gin’ completes the kit.

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“After all you need something to drink whilst you read the instructions.”

Marlow Gin also confirmed that each box contains enough equipment for two people to enjoy.

The kit includes:

• 1x 200ml Bottle Marlow Gin

• 2x 200ml Base Gin for Blending Your Bespoke Flavour

• 5x 50ml Botanical Concentrates

• 4x 200ml Bottles of ‘TwelveBelow’ tonic (flavours may vary)

• A Marlow Gin Tote Bag

• Full Tasting & Blending Notes

The standard box costs £87 with the upgrade to 700ml signature box costing £105.

Visit for more information.