Plans have been submitted to build a new block of flats in High Wycombe.

The existing three detached two-storey houses at 2-6 Coningsby Road would be demolished and replaced with 18 one and two-bedroom apartments in a single block.

The site sits on the corner of Coningsby Road and Hamilton Road, close to High Wycombe town centre.

Developers state in the proposals that the plans 'cross the threshold for affordable housing which is currently set at ten dwellings.

'In line with the adopted WDC Local Plan 2019, 35% of the units will be made available as affordable housing.'


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Two neighbours have submitted objections to the proposal online.

One wrote: "I am objecting to this proposed scheme regarding the following concerns which are generally similar in nature to the concerns raised previously regarding a development at 2-6 Coningsby Road.

"As a resident of Coningsby Court - the flats that are in closest proximity to the proposed site - there has been little to no evidence of addressing the proposed development's impacts on flats 6-9.

"The site is hugely overbearing and negatively impacts both the privacy and light to the flats as the development sits directly to the south of Coningsby Court.

"Furthermore, the architect has made no reference to Coningsby Court within the design and access statement and has omitted any view showing the impact to Coningsby Court from the elevation profiles drawing."

Another made a number of objections against the plan, who labelled them as 'misleading'.

Concerns were also raised about a 'loss of privacy, noise/loss of environment, light pollution, parking, the character of the proposals, the lack of local amenities and construction noise'.