A set of traffic lights in Marlow are currently malfunctioning.

The lights at the pelican crossing near Maple Rise on the Little Marlow Road are turning red, despite there being no pedestrians pressing the buttons in order to change the colour of the lights.

A video of the traffic lights turning to red was posted on the Facebook page Marlow Life by user Kamil Dziki on May 28 who said: “I think they [the traffic lights] are broken or so they are changing by themself every so often.... or there is a reason for it?”

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Bucks Free Press:

Where the traffic lights are based

Mr Dziki then exclusively confirmed to the Free Press that the traffic lights were still not working correctly as of today (June 1).

He has since reported the problem on the website, 'Fix My Street', and Buckinghamshire Council has been made aware of the issue.

Following Mr Dziki's post, fellow Marlow residents commented and confirmed that the same issue happened last year.