A DOZEN new homes compared to “slums” are set to be built in Stoke Poges following the demolition of a supercar showroom.

The one-bed apartments would be added to the first and second floors of a new building replacing Thames House, where the SuperSpeed garage is currently located.

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A new car showroom would be added on the bottom floor to go with the new homes.

But this plan has caused controversy among neighbours, with thirteen residents voicing their concerns at the proposal.

One wrote to the council: “The residents will feel like rats in boxes very quickly (I have ten years’ experience of living in far more spacious flats than these and am concerned these are future slums).

“Where is the outdoor green space for them? Where can they even sit out on a summer’s evening and enjoy a simple barbecue in a safe communal space? We are not in central London and with all the drawbacks of semi-rural living, there should be some advantage of a bit more space outdoors.

“Brutal aesthetics, tiny living spaces and a brutal exterior are not conducive to good mental health.”

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Despite these worries, Buckinghamshire Council officers say the floor space for each apartment meets minimum standards and enclosed balconies serving as “sufficient” private amenity space.

Other residents raised concerns about the new building being out of character with the rest of the area, impact on local services, noise from the site and more.

Another wrote: “The height of the proposed new building will overshadow my flat which I will look out onto.

“The proposed building will, therefore, reduce my right to natural light, which as it is my flat is quite dark in itself as I only have two external windows which look south towards the proposed new building.

“I will lose my far-reaching views across Berkshire towards Windsor Castle and beyond, also it will put more traffic onto the B416.”

Five of the twelve homes would be made affordable for buyers and twelve car parking spaces would be added for residents.

Stoke Poges Parish Council also objected to the application, which was changed in January 2020 to accommodate twelve flats instead of eight.

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Despite this, planning officers at Buckinghamshire Council have recommended the proposal is approved.

An officer wrote: “The proposal would make an effective and efficient use of the existing site by a mixed-use scheme providing both employment and housing.

“The proposed housing would help provide the area with much-needed housing which would utilise a brownfield site and thereby relieve development pressures from the Green Belt.”

A decision on the application will be made by councillors at a meeting of Buckinghamshire Council’s southern planning committee on Tuesday, June 9.