The people of Marlow have reacted to the news that the pavements in the town centre will be one-way.

The temporary system has been implanted by the town council to help the residents of Marlow be safe as lockdown restrictions are now starting to be lifted.

The announcement has been met with mixed reaction with many people praising the idea, whilst others have disregarded with it.

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One person on Facebook said: “I've just walked down the High Street [on June 1] with my son on the way to the post office.

“We loved the new one-way signs.

“So simple and well-signed posted and easy to follow.

“A simple step which hopefully will make a big difference.

“Thanks Marlow Town Council and Globe Park Print Store for helping us keep distanced!”

Another Facebook user said: “I saw people giving it a go this afternoon [June 1].

“So let's celebrate innovative efforts to keep us safe and get behind them as best we can!”

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But one person suggested: “Why not pedestrianise the High Street completely so there's plenty of space for social distancing.

“Then cafes and restaurants can reopen with outside seating at regulation distance and a cycle lane down the middle.

“At least as an experiment, though permanent would be ace.”

However, some people in Marlow believe the new system will not work.

One person on Facebook said: “When we walked down nobody was taking any notice and the amount of people congregating by Sainsbury’s was a joke!" whilst another disgruntled user said: “What a silly idea.

“What happens if someone comes out of a shop on one side of the road and needs to go a short way down the other side of the road?

READ MORE: Pavements in Marlow town centre to be one-way

“Will they have to follow the one way system?

“People are going to cross wherever they are.

“What about people with limited mobility?

“How much is the council spending on this ridiculous scheme?

Another user on Facebook said: “Well good luck with people can't follow the arrows in a supermarket.”

There have been 6,394,452 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide, with 377,971 dying from the illness.