High Wycombe's mayor is set to continue serving until 2021 because a new one could not be chosen this year.

It has been agreed that the current mayor, Cllr Maz Hussain, will continue in his role until May 2021.

Traditionally the Charter Trustees - councillors who represent residents living in the unparished parts of High Wycombe - choose a 'mayor elect' in March and they would expect be inducted into the role during the historic annual meeting, 'mayor making' and subsequent 'weighing-in' process.

The mayor making and weighing-in is a huge attraction in the town centre every year, with dozens of shoppers descending on Frogmoor to watch the ancient spectacle.

It usually happens on the third Saturday in May - so would have been held on May 16 - but it had to be cancelled because of coronavirus.

The Charter Trustees have reviewed the situation and decided that because there is no time in the foreseeable future that the traditions could be reorganised to - unless it was toward the very end of the year - the current mayor will instead stay on for two consecutive terms.

Usually a mayor is only in the role for a year, but Cllr Hussain will continue until May 2021, having been chosen for the role in 2019.

Cllr Hussain has agreed to stay on until the usual system of choosing a mayor can be returned.

He is currently working on his plans for the year 2020/2021 although he is currently limited in what events he can attend because of the virus.

Addressing some incorrect comments on social media, High Wycombe town clerk Bill Reid said the mayor is not chosen through an 'election', but is chosen by the Chatter Trustees, who have agreed by a majority that Cllr Hussain should stay on.

Cllr Hussain is not the first mayor to serve for consecutive terms - during the 20th century, 13 mayors served for two years, while two others completed a three-year term.

The unique 'weighing-in' tradition sees politicians and dignitaries weighed on scales in front of the crowds at the beginning and the end of their term to see if they have overindulged during their time in the role.

The town crier announces the result, with the crowds booing or cheering depending on the outcome.