The people of Marlow have been reminded to not light up bonfires as the country continues to battle against coronavirus.

Published in the Facebook group Marlow Life, one of the admins said: “We have had reports of an increase in bonfires within Marlow and would like to politely remind everyone of the current government request not to light them.

“People with breathing difficulties, those self-isolating or even residents who wish to enjoy the outdoors given the current restrictions to life, are affected by the smoke and fumes.

“Please be considerate and respect that others may be impacted by your bonfire.”

The main symptoms of coronavirus is to have a high temperature, a new and continuous cough along with a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Coronavirus also impacts one’s breathing, which could cause respiratory system failure.

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Buckinghamshire Council have also reminded those living in the county to not do this by saying: “Please don't have bonfires.

“With many people staying at home during these difficult times to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we are asking residents to be considerate to their neighbours and avoid having bonfires.

“The effects of bonfires at this time are likely to be much more serious and have a bigger impact.

• Smoke from bonfires can cause health problems for anyone who has breathing difficulties, including those suffering from Covid-19 who are isolating and cannot leave their homes

• More than ever residents need to be able to enjoy the fresh air in their gardens or outside areas while they are staying at home to shield, isolate or social distance. Suffering smoke from neighbour’s bonfires can cause unnecessary stress and annoyance

• Bonfires can become out of control or cause accidents, creating extra pressure on the already busy emergency services

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“By not having bonfires you are supporting everyone staying at home and allowing the council and the emergency services to focus resources where they are most needed.

“We understand that the changes to collection services and the closure of the refuse and recycling centres may create a storage issue for some residents.

“However, please think of others before burning your waste.

“Our advice is to compost your garden waste or store it, as well as any other waste, until it can be collected or taken to one of our household recycling centres once they reopen.”

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