Hundreds of people descended on Marlow for a socially-distanced and peaceful Black Lives Matter protest against racial inequality at the weekend.

Around 400 people are believed to have gathered at Higginson Park for the demonstration despite the bad weather.

Participants took the knee in a show of solidarity as thousands of people across the world protested in the streets in the wake of the death of black man George Floyd, who died after a police officer knelt on his neck.

The Marlow protesters - many with face masks on - had posters and placards with phrases including "skin colour is not a crime" and "black lives matter".

Some speeches were also made to raise vital awareness.

The death of Mr Floyd has provoked worldwide outrage, with many further protests and events planned, both in person and virtually.

One of those local online events is being organised by Natalie Revell from Zen House Yoga in Beaconsfield.

On Friday, June 12, Beaconsfield Breathes Against Racism, an online free yoga and relaxation class will raise cash for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Natalie said: "Sadly, yoga studios in the west haven’t historically been the most diverse community, but we believe we can be a part of changing that and that our members both care and want to show up.

"The truth is, as a white person it can be difficult to know what to say, or how to contribute meaningfully. We need to take action, show that we are unified. Making financial contributions to organisations that can make a difference to black people’s lives is a really important first step.”

The Zoom fundraising event will be held from 6.30pm - visit for the link.