This is the shocking moment a child was left on the train tracks at a level crossing near Little Marlow while the parent took a photo.

A "dramatic" rise in the number of people risking their lives at level crossings has worried Network Rail and British Transport Police (BTP).

On the Marlow branch line, 16 people have risked their life since March 23, with seven of those resulting in people almost being hit by a train.

The number of people not using level crossings correctly has increased 433 per cent on the same period last year.

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One of the most shocking incidents, on May 24, saw a small child in a pushchair left in the middle of the tracks so the adult could take a photo.

Another photo at the same level crossing shows someone kneeling on the track while holding a dog - again, so a photo could be taken.

Meanwhile a few miles away at the Mill Lane level crossing in Marlow, video footage shows the heart-stopping moment two people almost walk out in front of a moving train before rushing back to safety.

Network Rail and BTP are urging people not to risk their lives - especially as the number of trains running is starting to go up after lockdown, with some services travelling at speeds of up to 125mph with a stopping distance of more than a mile.

Mike Gallop, Network Rail’s western route director, said: “It is shocking to see people unnecessarily risk their life and it is happening too often.

“When people lose their lives through not using level crossings correctly it’s tragic, not only for the families involved but also the drivers, passengers and wider communities.

“We strongly urge people using crossings, to stop, look, listen and stay alive.”

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Ian Aston, Network Rail’s level crossing manager, added: “While it’s understandable that people want to get out of the house after having been locked down for so long, it’s really important that safety doesn’t go out the window.

“Since lockdown began, there have been four times as many incidents along the Marlow branch line compared to the same time last year, so it’s vital that users pay attention, obey the signs and take extra care when crossing the railway to prevent more near misses, or worse, serious injury or death.”

Darren Burridge, British Transport Police embedded inspector, said that particularly at the Mill Lane crossing, walkers and cyclists should allow plenty of time to cross - and avoid "going lineside" while a train is in view.