Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships.

Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant shares his weekly horoscope forecast.


Current uptrends are gaining even more momentum. A new qualification or official recognition of your contributions to past or present circumstances will be a morale boosting pat on the back. Your high spirits will benefit work and community projects. If it’s something you want and are prepared for a platonic relationship can be steered into passionate waters and romance will add the final touch of pleasure to what should be a pleasingly memorable week.


Your partner or a good friend is behaving in ways that seem strange for them. Because of their erratic behaviour, you’re having to walk on eggshells all the time. You may not be able to pinpoint the reason for this change and you’re wondering how much longer you can put up with their behaviour. Are you single? A wild rebel is attracted to you but you could find it hard to keep up with their rather unorthodox and adventurous ideas.


You are right to be excited about a new opportunity. Good news travels fast and this is the kind you will be delighted to hear. A project that you had been looking forward to that was previously cancelled will be on again and you will revel in the chance to finally wrap things up. A new proposal will go well. Financial details and labour costs meet requirements and if you’re asked to replace the person in charge, this will be an opportunity that’s too good to turn down.


There is love and affection all around you now. A romantic relationship is gaining momentum. A professional relationship could turn into a more passionate one. You will be well suited for each other. It will be easier to recognise opportunities to fall in love, begin a special project or fulfil your creative potentials.


If your boss or a senior colleague doesn’t have the time, patience or interest in helping you with a difficult project, you will have to find an effective solution of your own. People in positions of power will be impressed by your willingness to take the initiative. There will be time, later in the week, for you to tie up the loose ends of projects that are dragging on now. A goal you have set your sights on will become possible when you relax and make some space for it.


Delays and deferrals will cause a lot of people a lot of frustration. What’s most upsetting is that the very people whose support you had been counting on are back-pedalling and now seem to have lost interest in the proceedings. Talk to a creative colleague and they’ll suggest a plan that will help you vault over problems that are blocking your path. Altered arrangements will work out surprisingly well for you. Use your sharp mind to hammer out a favourable agreement.


Getting involved in arguments is not going to win you any friends or help you influence people. Don’t let the good image you have already built up for yourself be compromised by careless comments or flying off the handle. Think before you speak to avoid blurting out something you will later regret.


Despite being promised that you would receive the help you need to finish a project, this isn’t happening. It might be up to you to complete work that was begun as a team. You feel let down by people who have dropped out when they had offered their help whenever you needed it. You discover now that you don’t need support and you are perfectly capable of carrying out some jobs alone. Responsibilities have become weighty. Divesting yourself of unwanted obligations will make you feel happier and lighter.


Too many people are trying to interfere in your business. Well-meaning friends and colleagues will have no shortage of advice to offer when you would prefer they kept their thoughts and opinions to themselves. If you can find a corner where you can get on quietly without any interference from others, you will feel less frustrated. Whenever you think about a commitment, person or situation you become tense and nervous. Is it time to walk away from a troubled union?


You would love to race up the ladder of success but this won’t be possible just now. Slow and steady progress is recommended. Although jobs you take on might all seem piecemeal now, it will all come together profitably in the future. Your attention will be taken up with work related matters, daily household routines and physical welfare. An older relative is having health problems. You will always be there for your nearest and dearest.


Family communications could get snagged. Big changes are occurring on the domestic scene and it won’t be easy to keep up with what everyone is doing. This can cause some confusion. The more time and energy you have to devote to these projects the easier you will find it, to cope. You will jump at the chance to take on something new. This will be risky and that’s why you hope for the best while being prepared for the worst. Working from home could be the answer to a prayer.


You have a lot to do and too little time to do it in. Think about spending a little cash on some labour-saving appliances. Now is a good time to do some home repairs. Hire respected professionals to solve problems you can’t deal with on your own. In the past you’ve had some great advice from a friend.