Singer-songwriter Mel B has revealed that she was the victim of racial abuse when moving to Marlow.

The Leeds-born performer, who is best known for being a member of the Spice Girls, purchased the Manor House in Little Marlow back in the 1990s at the height of the group’s success.

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However, the 45-year-old has expressed that she was the recipient of ‘racist hate mail’, when living in the town.

She told the Daily Mail: “'The fact I bought it disturbed the whole village.

“I got not just hate mail but racist hate mail, which was shocking to me.

“It said, ‘get out of this village, you don't belong, you can't buy something like this.’

“It disturbed me, but I still threw some great parties there - really loud to disturb the village.”

Following her revelation, the people of Marlow have expressed their sadness over the Scary Spice’s experiences.

Speaking on the Facebook page Marlow Life, one user said: “Sadly there may be a small minority in every town who are not so welcoming and accepting.”

Another user said: “Whether we think it happened or not, we shouldn’t really gaslight this woman when she’s coming forward about her experiences.

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“At the BLM protest in Marlow, several local people came to the mic to share their experience of racism in Marlow, so it is clear that Marlow has had and still has its fair share of racist people in the community.

“I agree that a few bad apples don’t make the grove bad but we shouldn’t just ignore what goes on, and instead we should try to educate our fellow ‘townsfolk’ if you will.

"If there is no room for racism in Marlow (which I very much believe we all think) then we must act on it.”