The people of Marlow have reacted to the news that certain individuals have been jumping off the town’s bridge into the River Thames.

This comes after Thames Valley Police posted a plea on their Facebook page urging those who are in the area to refrain from such actions.

In their post that was published on Thursday, June 11, they said: “Following several reports of people jumping off the bridge into the River Thames, #MarlowNHPT would like to remind everyone this is DANGEROUS and we do not advise this.

“Extra patrols will be carried out in this area.

“Stay safe everyone.”

Those who live in the town have expressed their anger with one online user saying:” I have been unfortunate enough to see one young person pulled out of that section of the river lifeless.

“I hope I don’t have to hear of another family losing a child.”

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Another said: “Perhaps you would like to remind them about a jumper that went in about 30yrs ago and didn’t come up.

“There is so much silt built up there, there is a chance they will get stuck in the mud.”

One other user said: “Are people seriously that stupid? Why jump from there?”

The plea comes a month after the safety units which were implemented along the Thames in memory of Kyrece Francis were taken.

Kyrece Francis was a 13-year-old schoolboy who sadly died on the first day of the 2014 summer holiday after he drowned in the Marlow stretch of the river whilst playing with friends.

Following his tragic passing, Kyrece’s Legacy was launched to promote water safety across the county and beyond.

Another online user said: “Oh please do not do this, please.

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“Remember our local lad Kyrece - lost his life in this river.

“His family and friends have worked tirelessly since to provide lifesaving equipment along the river in case of an accident.

“Don’t bring the danger on yourself for five minutes of so-called fun.

“Stay safe.”

To read more about Kyrece’s Legacy, go to