Marlow’s litter problems continue as large amounts of rubbish were seen across Higginson Park.

A photo taken by Marlow resident Leigh Highgate on Monday, June 15 shows items such as plastic bags, bottles, and foam food containers lying across the park, despite a bin being right next to the trash.

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Speaking on the Facebook page Marlow Life, Leigh said: “What is up with people, rubbish all over Higgy Park this morning [June 15], right next to bins.”

Some suggested that the large amounts of litter that were scattered across the park could have been the result of foxes or birds looking for food, but many disregarded this due to the number of beer cans that were seen on the ground.

One person comment: “I wish people would just take it home and bin it.

“We were out yesterday [Sunday, June 14] and the amount of rubbish everywhere is appalling.

Another added: “It was certainly absolute animals.

“Most likely of the two-legged variety.

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“Birds don't distribute beer bottles around, nor spread Styrofoam food containers over a wide area.

“They pick at them close to the place they find them, and foxes are not interested in beer, at my last conversation with one.

“This is lazy, selfish humans, without any doubt or equivocation.”

Another said: “If it wasn’t birds scavenging, I do find it really sad that some people who come from near and far to enjoy this space at the weekend leave it with little respect.

“Many just don’t take their rubbish home with them when the bins are at capacity.

“Very annoying for the people who actually live here and respect [the] environment we’re lucky enough to live in.

“I really feel for all the UK beach town residents this summer just hope their local businesses profit well enough to make up for some people’s slobbery.”

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This isn’t the first time that Marlow’s litter issues have got the people of the town talking.

Last month, we reported how the bins on the town’s streets were overflowing, with some trash being left on a memorial bench for former Marlow mayor Ivor Coleman.

Additionally, the Marlow Wombles, who are a bunch of volunteers who litter pick across the town, expressed their shock when they discovered a pair of soiled underpants amongst a pile of litter when tidying up by Marlow Rugby Club.

We have contacted Marlow Town Council for a comment.