Marlow’s litter issues show no sign of stopping as MORE images show rubbish being left in the town.

Taken by resident Alison Edwards on June 22, the photos showed three overflowing bins on Mill Road with plastic cups, crisp packets and cans being seen on the ground next to the bin.

After seeing the bins, she decided to report it to the authorities but admitted they were issues when trying to get the problem recognised.

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Speaking on the Facebook page Marlow Life, Alison said: “I’ve tried to report three overflowing bins in Marlow.

“Out of the four options I’ve chosen Wycombe.

“However, after filling in the form I see it has jumped to a Chiltern page so the bin falls outside the area covered by their form.

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“I’ve tried on countless occasions.

“Both on my laptop and on my phone.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Bucks Free Press:

The bins in Mill Road, Marlow

Bucks Free Press:

An over flowing bin in Marlow

“Our bins really need seeing to!”

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This is not the first time that Marlow’s litter problems have been the talk of the town.

Since lockdown restrictions were lifted in May, numerous amounts of trash have been seen across Marlow with the High Street and Higginson Park being the worst effected areas.

This has led to Jocelyn Towns, the leader of Marlow Town Council, to urge those living in Marlow and the surrounding areas to take their rubbish home when out and about.

One person suggested that Marlow should take a leaf out of Henley’s book and have signs encouraging people to take their litter home when out in public places.

She said: “I took these photos in Henley yesterday [June 21] - simple signs and not a single scrap of litter in sight.

Bucks Free Press: Bucks Free Press:

The signs in Henley asking residents to not drop litter

Bucks Free Press:

It seems to have worked as there was no litter on the field in Henley

“What on earth is going on in Marlow?!

“It’s embarrassing.”

If you see large amounts of litter, you can report it by clicking here.