Craft gin distillers, Griffiths Brothers, have launched a limited-edition gin in tribute to the Mosquito aeroplane that was once part-built in the factory where the distillery stands today.

Mosquito Gin is a tribute to the Penn Street location where parts of the aeroplane were made.

Mosquito Gin not only shares a common Penn Street location with the Mosquito plane; it also shares an intriguing and eccentric ingredient - spruce.

Spruce was one of the materials that de Havilland used in the manufacture of many of the smaller components that were needed to reinforce the aircrafts’ apertures.

“The unique history and heritage of our building is a constant source of fascination and inspiration to me” reflects Alex Griffiths, co-founder of the distillery.

“I wanted to evoke some of the site’s wartime history by incorporating one of the Mosquito’s materials into our latest gin.”

Nicknamed the ‘Wooden Wonder’, the military plane was remarkable for being

constructed almost entirely of wood, in an age when aluminium was the main material of aircraft production.

The building in which their distillery and shop are located was refurbished from a 1940s factory into a modern craft distillery in 2016.

Griffiths Brothers have restricted this commemorative edition to a limited batch of just 2,000 bottles.

The distillers hope it will be a fitting tribute to the Wooden Wonder planes and the engineers who built them over eighty years ago, in the very same building that the distillery stands today.

Mosquito Gin is available while stocks last from Griffiths Brothers’ online shop at and selected retailers.