This week’s coronavirus column comes from James Griffiths, the founder of Wild Training Gyms in Loudwater.

Mr Griffiths said: “Will people want to go back to gyms?

“Based on the stats it looks positive as thirty-five per cent of people that never had a gym membership are now considering it.

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“That’s huge, and with new styles of exercise and gym facilities available hopefully gyms can showcase how much value they have to offer in helping people new to exercise stay motivated and carry on enjoying the increased levels of activity the country has enjoyed through lockdown.

“The other interesting stat to me is that over twice as many people chose to workout at home, than go running or cycling.

“Why that is could come down to a few things.

“More people want more variety in their exercise than one or two types of cardio.

“Maybe because people are more aware of the big benefits they get from strength and HIIT styles of exercise for their health and well-being.

“The other angle is the likes of Joe Wicks have helped get more people to acknowledge there is a lot of value in professional coaching, whether that’s for their confidence, motivation or interest in more progressive styles of training that require an amount of learning.

“What’s nice is the numbers feel like they line up with what people are saying.

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“The other Wild Trainers and I have been in non-stop contact with our Wild Training members during lockdown through our online classes and private social media pages.

“Our members have loved our Wild Live online fitness services during lockdown and with their feedback we have quickly been able to make the group exercise classes and personal training sessions what they need and want.

“The response has been so positive that we have already built a new business model for the gym to carry on with Wild Live online after the gym opens again.

“Member demand for convenient online classes is too high not to do this.

“For our members to enjoy the same quality of exercise, our variety in programming, all with coaches they know and trust is the real value Wild Training deliver.

“Bottom line is coronavirus and lockdown has made people more aware of their health, and has got the UK exercising more, and wanting to improve their fitness.

“That all sounds like good news to me.

“The majority of people are saying that they want gyms to help them with this.

“My question is: will the gym industry listen to demand and adapt in the right way?

“One of the things that is clear is that gyms will open, hopefully in July if plans I have seen are accurate, but with restrictions and specific guidance on how we operate.

“These will impact certain gyms a lot more than others based on space they have and member numbers.

“From my point of view knowing our Wild Training members, we can do this and keep the fun community feel to our gym that our members love so much.

“We bring our members in to the running of our gym, giving them a sense of ownership.

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“They bring us in to their lives and trust us with their health and fitness.

“It is a two-way thing.

“That community feel is maybe one of the most important things for gyms to focus on right now.

“Without it we are just selling space and the ability to use some kit, which is not good enough.

“Going to the gym needs to be an experience for members.

“Time to escape the stresses of life, interact with positive people in a positive environment and feel awesome about who you are.”

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