This is the terrifying moment a speeding car missed Wycombe MP Steve Baker’s motorbike by “centimetres”.

Mr Baker was riding home to Wycombe along the A40/M40 after voting in London when a white BMW sped past at what the MP predicted was at least 100mph – closely followed by a trail of eight police cars.

Speaking to the Bucks Free Press about the frightening incident, which happened just after 9pm on Wednesday night, he said if the car had come any closer, we “could have been having a by-election”.

He was riding towards Wycombe after RAF Northolt in the national speed limit [70mph] section of the road when the car came roaring past, weaving in and out of the evening traffic.

He said: “I was in the middle lane for someone to pull onto the road on the left. I was doing about 65mph, he must have been doing about 100mph. I wasn’t surprised to see police behind, but I was surprised to see eight of them.

Bucks Free Press:

“I very much hope they managed to catch him. I feel I was very lucky – it was more down to luck than his judgement. Another couple of inches and we could have been having a by-election.”

The MP said the near-miss was a “salutary reminder” to always drive sensibly.

He added: “We have to drive carefully and we have to make allowances for the unexpected. There was no way I could have seen him coming. It is also a reminder to drivers to allow police the space to do their job properly.”

Mr Baker shared the shocking footage on his Twitter page – and Detective Superintendent Andy Cox, who tackles transport network crime across London, responded to say the driver of the white BMW managed to evade being caught.

Supt Cox said: “We treat such utterly appalling dangerous driving and fail to stop for police incredibly seriously and will do all we can to locate the driver and take action.”