The people of Downley and beyond have come together to fix the village’s primary school after it was again targeted by vandals.

In the middle of June, the school was broken into with the offenders vandalising the year six marquee. 

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This is the second act of disruption to hit the school this year after it was broken into in back April.

Following the distressing news, a fundraising page was set up to help the primary school.

Additionally, former High Wycombe mayors in Khalil Ahmed and Trevor Snaith along with several local residents met on Saturday, June 20, where they applied anti-climb paint to all areas of access on the perimeter fence

Cllr Ahmed said: “The community spirit of Downley is simply amazing.

"Although they encounter the same challenges as everyone else in the town, it is the way that gets together and deals with it that is so inspirational.

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“Trevor and I have been working with local street reps to identify any vulnerable people that might need support through our 'Sticky Bun' run but were more than pleased to help out at the school."

Former Mayor Trevor Snaith said: "If only we could replicate the community spirit of Downley in other areas of the town we would be a better town overall, Downley people are great.”

If you would like to donate to the school visit their fundraising page by going to