The people of Marlow have been reminded to be put their litter in bins and to put their fishing equipment away, after several birds have been spotted getting tangled up in rubbish and fishing wires.

Photos of swans, geese and ducks have emerged from the Marlow stretch of the Thames and beyond with plastic beer rings, fishing wire and fishing lures on them, with the Datchet-based charity, Swan Support, helping the birds.

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A plea was shared on the Marlow Life Facebook page which stated: “Please anglers, pick up your stuff!

“My friend who works at Swan Support is out every day picking up rubbish along the Thames.

Bucks Free Press:

A Canada Goose with a plastic beer ring around it's neck (photo courtesy of

Bucks Free Press:

An injured mute swan with a fishing hook in its beak (photo courtesy of

Bucks Free Press:

The result of the swan's injured beak (photo courtesy of

Bucks Free Press:

A mute swan with a small balloon attached to its mouth (photo courtesy of

Bucks Free Press:

A fishing lure in a swan's leg (photo courtesy of

“At this time of the year, fishing causes so many problems.

“If you discard line or hooks please be aware of the harm it causes.

“I know responsible anglers reading this are probably very careful, but a polite reminder to all to take your rubbish home.

“Thank you.


But they also stated that this is not just down those who fish in Marlow.

They continued: "Accidents do happen and most of them are reported immediately.

"Also, many other swans and waters birds may have suffered from any injury/illness that isn't fishing related if it wasn't for the fishermen reporting it."

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This comes after Marlow is currently going through a litter crisis with the town being scattered with huge amounts of rubbish, from the high street to Higginson Park.

Fly-tipping has also increased in the town and the surrounding villages, with bin bags and boxes being left on Winchbottom Lane in Little Marlow.

Additionally, there have been several cases of cygnets being injured by members of the public, either deliberately or by accident, in the Thames Valley.

One cygnet was shot with an air rifle at the start of June in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, whilst another cygnet was killed in Slough, Berkshire, by the canal footpath between Middlegreen Road and Edgeworth Close at the end of May.

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Swan Support is run by Wendy Hermon who has run the charity for the past 17 years.

For more information, visit