The people of Marlow have again expressed their excitement as a Lidl could potentially come to the town.

The supermarket giants revealed at the start of June that Marlow was one of 10 possible locations for a store to be built in Bucks.

This comes after they issued ‘wish list’ of potential stores to be build in cities and towns across the country.

But Lidl were coy in their response with the chain saying: “While Marlow is an area of interest to us, we don't currently have anything firm in the pipeline.”

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Despite this, Marlovians have expressed their eagerness of a store being built in the town.

One person on Facebook said: “Yes please! I miss our little Waitrose and am not a fan of Sainsbury’s (no reflection on anyone that works there) so I would welcome another option.

Another Facebook user said: “Personally think it’s a good thing - although I would swap it with one of the Sainsbury to give more choice to the town.

This Marlovian added: "About time we got some normal shops in the town, instead of all the ridiculous fashion clothes shops... oh and coffee shops.”

Even those who live outside the town would welcome the store being in Marlow as this person said: “We live other side of Henley now and Lidl saves like £20 off our weekly shop even compared to Asda and the quality is no worse.”

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The other locations Lidl have listed on their wish list were in:

• Amersham

• Aylesbury - North

• Aylesbury - South

• Aylesbury - West

• Beaconsfield

• Chesham

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• Gerrards Cross

• High Wycombe - North

• High Wycombe - South

Someone else added: “Marlow needs a variety of shops to cater for everyone's tastes.

“Not everyone who lives there has deep pockets or the ability to travel miles to a neighbouring town to shop affordably.

“I know I certainly missed Iceland when they closed as I bet many of you did.

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“So, I would say Lidl would be welcomed by the majority of Marlovians.

However, one person said:  “We need more independent shops.

"We have enough supermarkets already.”