The Chilterns Dial-a-Ride (CDAR), a well known charity operating primarily in the old Chiltern and Wycombe Districts offering in normal times a safe, caring door-to-door transport service for those with mobility problems, has adapted “swiftly and decisively” to the Covid-19 crisis since it broke out in March.

They have been working closely with Buckinghamshire Council, linking in with their eight local support hubs which have overseen co-ordination and distribution for the council’s volunteer support network, helping with essential food parcels, assistance with prescriptions and medical appointments and regular keep in touch calls.

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They have also contacted all GP surgeries and health centres in the area of operation offering help primarily for patients needing to attend medical appointments, with services during the pandemic being free of charge for food distribution and also for all first time users who have been referred to us.

CDAR driver Andy Hackett, 63, from Chesham, gives an example of his day’s work this last Wednesday.

He said: “Today I picked up no less than 40 food parcels from the Wycombe based food bank One Can for delivery in the Wycombe area (they now deliver well over 400 food parcels every week).

"That day, I also took a lady to Hughenden Valley Surgery and came back to take her home later.

"People naturally feel worried about coming out, but they feel confident and safe travelling with us It's a privilege to be doing such an important job".

CDAR Chairman David Ouvry said: "It's great that CDAR has found such a role to play during the crisis.

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"Buckinghamshire Council have been so proactive in providing community support and we are doing our bit.

"It is costly to provide our essentially free service during this pandemic and we are especially grateful to Heart of Bucks who have given us a grant to help out."

Visit the CDAR website for more information.