A High Court injunction giving the council tough new powers to evict travellers on their land is still in place, it has been confirmed - and the process was set to be used on a group who pitched up at Hughenden Park. 

Around eight caravans are at Hughenden Park and are believed to have arrived there yesterday (Sunday), however they have now left.

It is not clear if it is the same group who set up camp in Asda High Wycombe's car park on Friday night.

In August last year, a High Court injunction giving council officers and police the power to evict those who are trespassing on their land was granted to Wycombe District Council. 

Buckinghamshire Council has today confirmed that this injunction is still in place and the initial steps of the process to remove the travellers from Hughenden Park were started this morning. 

This meant enforecement agents attended and carried out welfare enquiries. 

The agents were due to return to Hughenden Park with police support at 3.30pm to evict the travellers, however they have already moved on this afternoon.