The people of Marlow have expressed their disgust after three bags which contained dog faeces were tied up on a barbwire fence in the town.

Spotted by resident Colin McCulloch, he said on social media: "Went for a lovely walk today [July 5] along Happy Valley and saw three of these in as many minutes.

“Why can't these dog owners control their own dog's defecation and having bagged the faeces, take it home where it truly belongs?”

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His post started a debate on what dogwalkers should do if the problem were to increase.

One person said: “As a dog owner, it is impossible to control your own dog's defecation BUT it is 100 per cent possible for the owner to take the bag home and put it in their own bin."

Another person said: "Control when your dog needs a dump?

“That would be very clever.

"Exercise and movement stimulate the bowels in dogs, humans.... the list would be endless, so it is very normal for dogs to have a bowel movement on their walk.

“The owner can take it home though.

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“The minority giving the majority a bad name again.”

This is part of an on growing issue in Marlow as more waste is being left in the town and the surrounding areas.

Since lockdown restrictions were lifted in June, more litter and dog faeces have been left across the town, which led to Marlow Town Council asking those who live in the area to use the nearest bins when out and about, or to take their rubbish home with them.

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One online said: “I’m a dog owner and don’t do this.

“I carry poo bags when I’m walking my boys and if I don’t find a bin to dispose the used bags, I take them home with me where they’re promptly disposed of.

“It’s not rocket science.”

This Marlow resident said: “As a dog owner myself, I think it’s disgusting that a few can make us all look bad.”

This person said: “What is surprising me is the number of people who say it is ok to hang poo bags on a fence or branch whilst they continue their walk as long as they collect it on their return.

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“I do not hold with this.

“If everyone who walked in Happy Valley, Marlow Common, Munces Wood, Pinkneys Green hung their dog’s waste on a fence and all of them picked it up later, we would still have poo hanging on fences all day every day.

“Just take it with you.”