The administrators that run a Facebook group which aims to help the people of Marlow, have explained how they have managed to achieve a great level of respect in the community.

Marlow Life, which was formed on September 22, 2019, is run by Anna Morant, Tayla Louise Smith, and Penny North, who are all Marlovians.

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The group has managed to attract over 7,000 members where people in Marlow and the surrounding areas post about certain topics that will help individuals or the town.

This ranges from people sharing the sad news that their pet has run away where they ask those in Marlow to be on the lookout, to posting items that have been dropped in many of the town’s parks and fields, to sharing the positive and kind-hearted acts that Marlovians are partaking in.

The group also helps small businesses, as they allow companies and independent traders to share their products on the page.

Anna Morant, one of the group’s admins said: “Penny and I were admin and moderator respectively on the old Marlow group for a number of years and the owner of that group decided it ‘had had its time’ and archived the group, suddenly, leaving the community in the lurch.

“So I felt the town deserved continuity so created Marlow Life.

“We share a close bond with the Marlow Bottom group and have posted daily puzzles between the two groups to provide a little light relief and also to give residents some community interaction whilst otherwise indoors on lockdown.

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“Marlow Life has helped share alerts of missing people & breaking news, advertised local events, and supported our small businesses.

“We cover most topics, to be honest, every day is different.

“And the support of these two ladies has been critical to ensuring the success of the group and it wouldn’t be possible without them.”

The group has also played a pivotal role in helping the needy, elderly and vulnerable in Marlow during the three-month period that the country was in lockdown, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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They achieved this by allowing individuals and companies to share what they were offering to those who needed it the most.

This resulted in many people raising money for the NHS to helping the vulnerable get fed, as shops and restaurants were shut.

Anna continued: “The group has been a vital link especially during the Covid outbreak, enabling residents to continue a semblance of normality.”

“We are all proud to call Marlow our hometown.”

To join the group, click Marlow Life.