Yet another barbecue safety warning has been issued by the fire brigade after seemingly cool coals set a shed alight.

A shed fire broke out in the back garden of a house in Columbine Road, Widmer End, late on Sunday, July 5.

Two fire crews from High Wycombe fire station were mobilised just before 10pm.

Blue Watch said when they arrived, they discovered the fire was likely started by used barbecue coals that appeared cool and had been put in a rubbish bag.

However, they were still holding heat - and set fire to the garden shed, completely destroying it.

It comes just weeks after Bucks Fire and Rescue issued a warning to those taking advantage of the summer nights with barbecues after a disposable one set fire to some wooden decking.

Late on May 30, firefighters were called to a decking fire in Robinson Close, Loudwater, which was caused by a disposable barbecue.

Fortunately, vigilant neighbours spotted the fire and alerted the homeowners, who then used a garden hose to put the fire out before it had time to spread to the house.

And last week, Red Kite Housing Association urged people not to have barbecues on their balconies.

Anyone hosting a barbecue is urged to keep a bucket of water, sand or a garden hose nearby for emergencies, never leave lit barbecues unattended, keep them away from sheds, trees and fences and empty ashes onto soil, not in dustbins.