Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships. Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant shares his weekly horoscope forecast from Saturday, July 11:


Someone close is making mountains out of molehills. Although you will try to calm them, they will only become tetchy and may even misunderstand everything you do and say. Tension will be eased but only if you are able to keep your cool. You have an important business decision to make. If anyone starts grumbling about the time you are taking to make up your mind, tell them to take themselves off elsewhere and leave you alone. Don’t let others rush you and avoid extravagant impulses.


Be sure to show plenty of affection and attention to someone special. Recently your mind has been on other things and you haven’t spent a lot of time together. They’ve been wondering whether they have done something to upset you. If they have, be honest about it. If they haven’t let them see the more easy-going side of your nature. You’re starting to realise you’re going to have to move with the times if you are to conquer those nagging doubts about your ability to succeed.


Anything connected with your world of work might seem dull. A study course isn’t as inspiring or motivational as you expected. Resist the temptation to allow a restless spirit to lead you away from tried and tested methods. It’s important to keep your mind on what you are doing. Don’t be rushed and pushed into making financial decisions and if you’re upgrading your appliances don’t let anyone persuade you to accepting the first item or price that’s on offer.


Sometimes life feels overwhelming and the pressure of it all makes you anxious. When you feel this way you withdraw from the crowd. You could do with some time alone. Those who care about you understand what you need and they will go out of their way to make certain you get a little peace and quiet. A difficult work assignment will become increasingly easier thanks to the help of a talented newcomer. As the week ends there will be a greater amount of cooperation in the workplace.


An unpredictable schedule at the start of the week will be challenging but ultimately good for you. Be flexible when there is a need to make some adjustments. You should find it easier to get into the swing of things around Wednesday, no matter what chores or tasks might await you. You will continue to enjoy strong links with those around you at home and at work and new group or online networks will widen your social circle in a most unexpected way.


It can sometimes seem as if you’re doing all the work while other people get away with doing nothing. If people are being inconsiderate, you need to let them know it. Feeling sorry for yourself is not the answer. It is time to let everyone in on your feelings. Resist any desire to lock yourself away in isolation unless this cannot be avoided. At the moment, your own company just doesn’t seem to be a very good idea. When making decisions, trust your head over your heart.


You are tempted to take time out for the sake of having some fun. This may not be wise and you will be letting other people down. If you are meant to be working, studying or carrying out other obligations, be sure to put these first. Once you’ve dealt with duty, you will enjoy company and pastimes that mean leaving familiar pursuits and pastimes behind for a short while. A change of pace will inspire you to take up a spiritual practice that will remind you of your life’s purpose.


Much to your surprise and disappointment, a journey that had been carefully planned may need rearranging due to circumstances beyond your control. You thought you had covered for every possible outcome and you feel annoyed with yourself for not having been prepared for what does occur. If you’re looking for work, a job involving publishing, property or education will fall into your lap. If you’re offered a flat salary or commission, choose the former.


You won’t mind helping out a colleague or neighbour even if it means putting your own plans and projects on a back burner for a wee while. Once you return to your own concerns, you could be surprised by the amount you have to do. In your haste to catch up you might not realise how this is taking you away from those who care about you. Your best friend or a partner is starting to feel unimportant or left out. Reassure them this is not the case.


Close relationships and partnerships will bring you plenty to be happy about. Even those awkward situations you’ve been trying to avoid for fear of causing upset, can be approached now. Do this in a way that encourages everyone to speak their mind. An open and honest discussion is the best way forward. You’ve been waiting to hear from someone hoping they will have some good news but you won’t be too amused by what they have to tell you.


Allow the practical side of your nature to guide you when it comes to spending. Some people in your circle just want to have fun and this will include throwing away their cash on madcap ideas. Make sure your cash isn’t involved in any way. No matter what type of circumstances you find yourself in, few will be able to fault your powers of communication. Indeed, you will argue both sides of a situation so well that you may end up not knowing which way to turn yourself.


You wish you could find a way to tell your favourite person how much they really mean to you. You feel lost for a way to express all those loving feelings. Talk to a friend who has always given you good advice. A partnership will be the source of emotional strength so don’t hold back. Also if you’re seeking inspiration in order to complete a creative venture you could find it via a message from afar. Good news will soon arrive to confirm your bank balance looks a lot healthier.