Find out what your star sign has in store for your love life, career and relationships. Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant shares his weekly horoscope forecast from Saturday, July 18:


Do your best to stay focused, no matter what you’re trying to do. It would be so easy to get side-tracked if those around you don’t jump in the direction you’re hoping to go. Someone close who is usually very passionate is now acting cool towards you. Don’t worry about this too much. Their behaviour will soon be back to normal and that’s why you shouldn’t spend too long over-thinking and analysing the situation. Sometimes there are no obvious explanations.


Change always makes you anxious and if you had a choice, you would be sticking to the tried and trusted familiar routines you are so comfortable with. Even so, change is in the air and this could mean a new job, new home or learning new skills. Try to see this as an opportunity and not a nuisance. Someone is hoping you can keep a secret. You have no intention of betraying their trust. Anything that is told to you in confidence will stay that way.


A legal matter is dragging on and causing you a lot of frustration. Ask an expert to look over a contract before signing on the dotted line. There could be a clause or stipulation that will undermine your financial security. Most enjoyment will come from spending time with people you always get on well with. Whether you choose the company of an old friend, a neighbour or a relative, it really won’t matter. What’s important is that you’re participating in activities that lift your spirits.


You are ready to move forward with a daring project. It will take a few tries before you get everything going and everyone agreeing with you. Breaking free from oppressive routines will give you all a reason to celebrate. A partner will change their mind about something they objected to in the past. Don’t waste time trying to understand their sudden change of heart. Instead just put an awkward episode behind you and never think of it again.


Close relationships are up and down and you are bound to find them emotional at times. You can understand someone’s passion but you won’t be able to work out why they get so upset about things. If you put it down to a difference in your basic make-ups you will be less likely to joke about other people’s feelings. Money is going out at a brisk pace but don’t get caught up in financial worries. Have faith in the endless bounty of the Universe.


Someone will try to persuade you to share information that should be kept confidential. It may be necessary to tell a little white lie or two. Don’t give in and reveal all. It’s also worth holding back from giving your views in a group situation or online forum until you have a better idea of how other people feel too. Friends appreciate your skills and money can be made from a hobby. Selling your creative work will make your spirits soar.


Helping people when they need it is a natural extension of your kind personality but once you start taking on a colleague’s duties, they will expect this to be an ongoing arrangement. It’s important to think about what you could be letting yourself in for before agreeing to help anyone out. The same advice goes in other areas of your life such as family, college and social commitments. If you aren’t happy in an intimate relationship you might both agree to part as friends.


Tackle any symptoms of illness before they escalate. If you suspect you’re starting to feel a little off colour, stay indoors. Regular doses of Vitamin C might help you fight this before it gets any worse. A nutritious diet will also increase your energy level. Plans you’ve been discussing will be put into action. This will take you by surprise because someone who wasn’t very approving when you first voiced your ideas is now suddenly very enthusiastic.


Go out of your way to keep your home life as peaceful as possible. For a variety of reasons, it would be best to defer plans that might turn the domestic scene upside down. Instead, do what must be done then take the chance to relax. Another area of life that may need a down to earth approach is that concerning money and spending. If you keep tight control of the way hard-earned cash is spent, you should be able to keep on top of regular bills


A clash of views with a friend shouldn’t be taken to heart. This is more likely to be over personal likes and dislikes than anything very serious. Agree to disagree and keep the atmosphere light between you. If you’re learning new skills and there’s anything you don’t understand, speak up and ask plenty of questions. This would be better than hoping eventually things will click. Accept an opportunity to study privately with a gifted tutor.


You have some big decisions to make that will affect your future. To do this casually would be careless. What will also become apparent is that you had not fully understood the implication of some of the changes you’re thinking of making. Family ties are of great importance to you. Long conversations with an older relative will leave you scratching your head. It is all the things that are left unsaid that matter. You are being expected to read between the lines.


You could charm the hind leg off a donkey and if you need cooperation or straightforward assistance, you can easily obtain both at this time. Be willing to try more than one track when trying to get your thoughts across to those who are important to you. It’s unlikely you will be able to put all the exciting ideas you come up with into action but you will enjoy using your creative ability to connect with people who share your interests.