A mutilated deer was found in Chesham on Saturday (July 11).

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty posted on their Facebook about the incident, they said: "Mutilated deer found Saturday 11th July 2020.

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"Just to let everyone know we are also aware of this.

"The finder sent me a photo today and it looks human related but impossible to tell if it's the same person killing cats (and other animals.)

"Sadly there are lots of people who illegally hunt deer but they usually take the head as a trophy not both back legs and they tend not to dump the body in a car park in a residential area."

They also linked an original post from a Facebook user, Susannah Fanshawe, who originally found the deer.

On July 12 she posted: "Found the body of a mutilated roe deer on the green behind my house - yesterday.

"Reported to the Council and Thames Valley Police (who haven't responded yet).

"Doesn't look like a road traffic accident or dog attack. Hind legs cleanly cut off, body then dumped next to Water Meadow Car Park, on a small green popular with local dog walkers and families. Poachers?

"Keep your eyes open and please report any Animal Abuse / Wildlife Crime to the police."

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Comments on the post branded the discovery "horrific" and "absolutely despicable".

Susannah later commented on her post stating that Thames Valley Police won't be "investigating the incident" due to it being "unwitnessed".