A lifesaving b’line unit from the Kyrece’s Legacy charity has been reported missing – two months after two units were also taken in Marlow.

In a Facebook post by the charity, they confirmed that the missing b’line was taken between Tuesday, July 7 and Monday, July 13 – the same b’line that was stolen back in May.

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The b’line is based at the Gossmore Recreation Ground.

The charity said: “The b’line went missing between Tuesday, July 7 and Monday, July 13.

“Were you there? Did you see anyone acting suspiciously?

The safety units that were taken (photos from the Kyrece's Legacy Facebook page)

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“This could save someone’s life!

“You can report anonymously to Thames Valley Police or you can contact our website.

“Please keep an eye open for the lifesaving b’line and contact: kyreceslegacy@yahoo.com so we can make a safe recovery if found.

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“Save a life, don’t take one!”

This is the second time this year that the safety equipment has been taken.

The unit by the recreation ground and the one by Riverwoods were removed from their stations back in May, but thankfully, both b’lines were retrieved by members of the public.

The charity is in memory of Kyrece Francis, a 13-year-old Great Marlow School student, who passed away on July 22, 2014, after getting into trouble on the town’s stretch of the River Thames when swimming with a group of friends.