A BUCKS resident is calling on the council to slow-down its grass-cutting regime after warning the county is facing “biodiversity collapse”.

Jack Jordan has set up a petition urging the authority to reconsider how often it trims its green spaces over concerns the current rate of grass-cutting is affecting wildlife in the area.

According to the Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) states that a species is lost every two years in the county “due to ongoing developments and practices.”

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The plan also reads: "Public land (e.g. road verges) all have the potential to provide for wildlife if managed sensitively. Simply changing grass and hedgerow cutting regimes can have significant positive effects for a range of species".

In light of this, Jack has urged council bosses to:

Reduce the number of annual grass cuts across the board from the current 4 to a maximum of 2

Prevent grass cutting during the summer months (April to September) when flora and pollinating insect species are most abundant

For areas which require maintenance, adapt and produce more effective grass cutting strategies with subcontractors to reduce the amount of land that is cut

Work with local parish councils to effectively implement these changes across the county.

The petition organiser also believes the authority could save itself hundreds of thousands of pounds by implementing the recommendations above.

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Jack pointed to the now-defunct Dorset County Council, which saved £250,000 by scaling back grass cutting practices in the five years between 2014 and 2019.

He wrote: “With the Government and councils across the country making commitments to protect and enhance biodiversity, now is the time for Buckinghamshire Council to act and lead the way in developing a new approach to roadside grass cutting that focuses on protecting the wildlife that is under threat.”

So far, the petition has 748 supporters — many of whom left comments backing the suggestions.

One wrote: “We have to act together nationwide to save our insect life, small mammals and birds.

“Wildlife is more important than tidy [public spaces]! Just keep it clear for visibility where essential, otherwise let wildflowers thrive.”

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Another added: “Most verges do not need cutting and I have personally witnessed the pointless strimming and destruction of emerging wildflowers on the Handy Cross roundabout in High Wycombe.

“Councils have a duty to protect the wild environment wherever possible.”

The petition can be found at: https://www.change.org/p/buckinghamshire-council-buckinghamshire-council-call-to-change-grass-cutting-regime-to-protect-biodiversity