A HUNGRY dog stole the show at Buckinghamshire Council’s meeting last night when she snatched a sweet treat live on air.

Councillor Brian Pearce (top middle) from Wycombe Independent, was snacking on biscuits during a heated discussion about climate change when he offered one to his beloved pooch Aero.

The 18-month-old chocolate Labrador couldn’t believe her luck and gladly accepted the tidbit, catching the eye of several other councillors.

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After councillor Steven Lambert finished speaking about climate change, Mayor Richard Scott, who was chairing the meeting, warned councillors about their on-screen actions.

He said: “Could I just remind members that we are live on a webcast so please turn off your microphone if you’re not speaking.

“Also, one or two of you are starting to eat and drink which can be seen on camera so please desist if you can so we can continue the meeting in a professional way.”

Speaking to the Free Press about his furry friend’s appearance, councillor Pearce said he didn’t realise his mutt was visible to his colleagues.

He added: “I got so bored I got some biscuits and the dog was sat by my side and I gave her a couple of them.

“I was getting a bit cheesed-off and bored and the doggy was sat there. She always wants food and I grabbed myself a biscuit and I gave her one as well!

“I thought Richard Scott must have seen it because he said ‘there are councillors eating biscuits, this meeting is open to the public.’

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“I thought that’s all very well, but you are intruding in my kitchen.”

The meeting was also memorable for the fact it was the first full council session Buckinghamshire Council had held since being created in April 2020.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing rules, the meeting was held virtually with around 190 councillors calling in via Microsoft Teams.

Bucks Free Press:

The session did not get off to the best start with technical difficulties meaning it started half an hour late.

Other issues included:

  • Councillors not being able to vote on decisions using the app’s messaging feature
  • A number of councillors speaking while being muted
  • One councillor’s voice alternating between sounding robotic and high-pitched, leading to another member saying it was like listening to cartoon mice ‘Pinky and Perky’

Cllr Pearce told the Free Press he was not happy with how the meeting went, but praised councillor Scott for the way he chaired the meeting.

Cllr Pearce added: “It was horrible. I’m not blaming anybody because it must have been very difficult to try and control that and run it.

“I thought Richard Scott did very well actually. It’s a very difficult thing to chair with 192 councillors. It isn’t easy.

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“There were one or two councillors who said ‘this is a shambles’ and ‘it’s a load of rubbish’, it was horrible not because of that, but because I prefer meetings face-to-face, where you can pick up body language, the mood.

“I prefer a meeting in a council chamber because you can pick up the vibes from other people, you can sense body language, and sometimes you might say things a different way.

“It’s very strange. We’ve been thrown in the deep end with this with coronavirus.”

The meeting took place on Wednesday, July 15.